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HornTrades.com advertisement rules.
All ads on HornTrades.COM go through an ad control. Ads that go against the rules to be stopped and at repeated violations as an advertiser you may be excluded from the FIND.
1) Your responsibility as an advertiser
Ad rules are updated on a regular basis. You have the responsibility to stay informed and read through the rules every time you advertise.
You also have the responsibility for the text, images, and any links in the ad.
HornTrades is not responsible for the content or the advertised item.
As an advertiser you will receive email notifications from the horntrades prior to ad expires, with the offer to renew the advertisement.
2) Products not allowed advertising on HornTrades.com
It is only allowed to advertise the physical objects that are purchased, sold or given away.
An example of products/ads you can’t advertise on HornTrades.com is:
a) Products that belong to other markets to find (car, missions, travel)
It is very important that the products advertised are placed in the right main categoryand sub category.
b) Items there are restrictions against selling/marketing
Bootlegs, alcohol, tobacco, most types of weapons and copies of collectibles that are not marked in a clear and irrevocable way, so that they can be confused with the original objects.
c) Items that can be perceived as offensive, or illegal
d) Pornography, objects that can be used for illegal activities
e) Animals that have been banned, or that one must have special permission to own
g) Generic ads inventory/purchase goods from shops and websites Ads should always apply to a specific product
h) ads for lotteries, and so called “pyramid business”
Exceptions can be made about products sold without membership or other measures, and the company can be regarded as established and serious companies that have existed over time.
3) Rules for the ad
a) Advertisement only contain specific information about the item being sold

b) It is not allowed to put your keywords in your ad
Keywords are the words (e.g. Select) with no direct relation to the thing sold.
c) Language allowed)
English and Somali
d) Offensive or inappropriatecontent
Ads with text or images that are offensive to other users will be stopped.
Opinion is also not allowed. HornTrades.com can determine whether the content of the ad is offensive/inappropriate.
Email) links to other websites
You can NOT provide links/URLs to independent pages that have more information about the product you are selling. OR refer to one’s own website.
It is not permitted to link or provide your address to
personal home pages (unless you have a partner agreement)
pages that clearly promote an external service competitors off HornTrades
f) Photos in the advertisement images of that product to sell
Ads containing images with other information (e.g., URLs, text or logos) will be rejected.
If you are using an illustration photo should appear in the ad.
g) HornTrades reserves the right to use images that are available on theHornTrades.com
In connection with the operation, development and marketing can HornTrades
Save photos and fabricated new copy of the
make it available to the public of the original or modified form
You are responsible for ensuring that you have the right to publish the pictures on Web pages Are and to transfer the rights to HornTrades.
h) Images related to individuals
Whether the image can be linked to an individual, you will need to obtain explicit consent prior to posting the pictures on Web pages, as well as Offers to transfer rights to the HornTrades.
You are not allowed to copy text or images from other ads, or otherwise use someone else’s text or images in the ad, without the consent of the advertiser/licensee (cf. copyright).
j) Ads containing price must be a real price in the price field
Ads in whole or in part, is aimed at consumers, should have any sales tax included.
Ads quoting lure price, etc., will be rejected.
Would you like to get the bid price, you can leave this field blank and write
“Give a bid” in the text.
k) Proper product and contact information
All information in the ad must be correct, including information about your assets and your contact information. It is not allowed to post ads on behalf of others without their consent.

4) Ad category and the number of ads
a) Gather ads is only allowed for objects in the same main category
It is not allowed to advertise multiple products in the same ad, if not all elements are in the same main category. Bicycles can be sold along with the clothes, but must be in a separate ad during sports and outdoor activities. On the other hand, you can advertise both the chairs and tables in the same ad.
b) It is not allowed to post multiple ads for the same product
For example, you can not add two ads for the same sofa under two different categories.
c) Misplaced ads
Ads placed in the wrong category at HornTrades Market place will be moved to the correct category without notice. Ads that cannot be moved will be stopped and removed. This includes ads USER.

5) HornTrades rights
a) Changes in service/restrictions
HornTrades can make improvements to the service in such a way that we have to move on the ad or something similar.
b) Ads can be stored for up to 2 years
To prevent fraud and disputes can HornTrades.com store ads for up to 2 years.
HornTrades.com cannot guarantee that your ad is in its entirety would be to find your user long after the ad has expired.
c) HornTrades can relay information to a third party
HornTrades information on about can send user/ad to the police or other public authorities, such as to clarify specific disputes on which corresponds to ad object.
d) Any suspension
Advertisers who are suspected to be involved in illegal activities will be expelled immediately and the ads stopped. This also applies if HornTrades.COM receives severe or repeated requests that he not give buyers the rights you have, according to the consumer purchase Act and act right.
Do you have any questions or views on rules or ads to HornTrades.COM.
Please contact our call centre
Tel: 00252633614454

Best regards

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